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T#6 Tango Fitness Class- Tertulia #6 (conversations with Makela and Steven)

My commitment is for people who step into the studio to be the best tango dancer they can be. Tango is asymmetrical because of the way the embrace is set up, so it is very important that we balance the alignment of the body. The body of a tango dancer has to be both strong and lengthen. The posture of the tango dancer requires for your lower body to be grounded and at the same time for your spine to be up and forward.

The structure of the tango fitness is as follows: 1) Cardio 2) arm and leg strength 3) core strength, 4) cool down with meditation.

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"Tertulia #2" (conversations) with Makela - New to tango? Classes and "Tarea" (homework)

There are people who like to take private lessons more than others, I think you are more like that, and if you can take private lessons in addition to group classes that is definitely the best way to go. They are customized and hand picked training for you. Now, if you want to take group lessons I suggest the Absolute Beginners class on Saturdays.

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"Tertulia #1" (conversations) with Makela - How did all this start? Get to know her philosophy and experience on tango -

About tango… And I always think the moment you stop studying is the moment you stop living basically. I always try to go back to Buenos Aires and talk to colleagues, practice, ask questions, read, and listen…Tango is such a huge array of things, the music, the history, culture, the relationship between a lead and follow, gender issues, so many things. It’s fascinating and I love it. ..

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