About Makela Brizuela, founder of Makela Tango

Makela Brizuela is a visionary creative force in the Los Angeles tango community.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she trained for ten years in modern dance and ballet, receiving her degree from the National School of Ballet of Argentina. Makela is an highly experienced, professional teacher who trained extensively under the milongueros in her hometown, Buenos Aires. 

Since 1995 she has taught, danced, performed, and choreographed tango around Argentina, Mexico and the U.S. in prestigious venues such as the Alex Theater, Red Cat, and The Ford Amphitheater. She has also created, produced and directed Tango Cabaret at the Museum of Latin American Art and the critically acclaimed Urban Tango at Electric Lodge. In addition to performing, Makela provides group and private tango instruction and hosts Makela's Practicas - some of Los Angeles' most popular weekly social practice sessions.

Known for her outstanding technique and grace, Makela stresses that tango comes from the heart as well as the body. For ladies, she focuses on what makes a woman dance more beautifully and easily. For men, she concentrates on what makes a man a confident and clear leader so that women will love to dance with him.

Makela has trained with some of the most respected figures in tango in Argentina and often brings some of the most talented tango dancers from Buenos Aires to teach and perform with her, including Fabian Irusquibelar (from Tango Metropolis, and Copes Troup), Javier Rochwarger, Marcelo Molina, and others.

Represented by GTA. Go 2 Talent Agency. To hire her for film or TV please call 818.843.9800.

Makela is a master. Her classes deliver great technique, balanced attention between leaders and followers, and plenty of time dancing. Her sense of fun and commitment to excellence has created a loyal and dedicated community that welcomes beginners. She’s the best!
— Julia Snider | Writer
Most tango teachers can explain you steps to perform common tango figures. Good teachers understand the essences of tango —- musicality, attitudes, connections, and such. Only a few, however, manage to impart these less tangible concepts in a clear and digestible manner. Makela is one of them.
— Nishimura Akihiko
Makela is a great teacher and such a wonderful person. Her curriculum is organized, thoughtful, and fun. Her absolute beginners classes are a great way to start. Makela’s teaching is detailed, through, and professional. She will carefully watch the students dance and make sure to provide corrections. In her absolute beginners classes, she covers not just steps but musicality, the importance of connection with your partner, and the culture behind Argentine tango.
— Helen L.