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Tertulia #5 (conversations) with Makela and . Steven: MUSICALITY

First, when dancing it is important to find the pulse (the beat). After finding the pulse, we try to identify, the first beat of the phrase (number one): the strong beat.  As dancers, we generally count a phrase in this way: one(strong)-two-three (semi-strong) four, five(strong again), six, seven (semi-strong) and eight, an then we start all over again. 

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Your Tango Music Collection Part 2 by Donald Cooper

Now that you have some familiarity with the Big Four orchestras you will likely want to experience some of the other major orchestras of the period.  Our suggestion (Makela’s and I) is to now become familiar with Miguel Caló and his “Orchestra of the Stars” and his famous singers, Raúl Berón, Alberto Podestá and Jorge Ortiz.

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"Tertulia #1" (conversations) with Makela - How did all this start? Get to know her philosophy and experience on tango -

About tango… And I always think the moment you stop studying is the moment you stop living basically. I always try to go back to Buenos Aires and talk to colleagues, practice, ask questions, read, and listen…Tango is such a huge array of things, the music, the history, culture, the relationship between a lead and follow, gender issues, so many things. It’s fascinating and I love it. ..

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