• When dancing, be present in the moment and pay full attention to the dance: please do not talk while dancing.

  • If possible, try to switch partners. It helps you to learn better and faster. Argentine Tango is an improvisational dance; you need to learn how to follow and how to lead smoothly. If you always dance with the same person, you might limit your skills.

  • Remember that solicited or unsolicited instruction by another student does not help the dynamic of the class/milonga/práctica. If you have any questions, please ask the instructor.

  • Try to find a practice partner with whom you practice at least one hour outside the class. It does not need to be the same person every time! Either gender works. It is sometimes better to practice with someone of the same gender to share ‘expertise’, ‘problems’, etc. This is completely acceptable in Tango for men and women. You can rent the studio to do so. Special price for MT Members.

  • Be compassionate. If your partner makes a mistake, don’t say anything and be forgiving.


  • Hygiene - Shower (brush your teeth/floss) before class/milonga/práctica – Use deodorant, but take it easy on the cologne. Tango embrace is close!  Wear clean clothes. If you are coming from work, maybe it is a good idea to bring an extra shirt to change right in to before class. If you sweat a lot, maybe it is a good idea to bring a towel or handkerchief.

  • All students must sign a waiver prior to their first lesson.

  • Do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes to your private lesson/group class to not interrupt the prior private lesson/group class.

  • Please while waiting, do not talk when a class is going on.

  • Punctuality: Please arrive early (but not earlier than 5 m) to prepare yourself for your class.

  • Cell Phones: Please leave your SILENCED cell phone in the cubbies outside of the dance floor.

  • Personal Belongings: Makela Tango is not responsible for stolen or damaged items left on the studio.

  • In Makela Tango school we do not tolerate any kind of prejudice.

  • Sexual harassment and assault are not tolerated and we can remove a member or participant from the class if this happens.

  • No political or religious discussion is relevant in a tango class.

  • Even though tango classes are a great place to meet new people and maybe develop a romantic relationship, “hitting on”  other students (eg. asking out on dates) in class is highly discouraged. It is not allowed for Makela Tango teachers and members of the team.