Juan D'Arienzo, el Rey del Compás

How much fun is to dance to D'Arienzo/Echague tangos... What is your favorite one? I go through phases, I always loved Paciencia, but "Ansiedad" gets me going!


Comment if you are inclined in which one is your favorite D'Arienzo Echague  tango please...

In addition, please watch the following videos.

1) You can see the singer Alberto Echague and director Juan D'Arienzo, el Rey del Compás playing "Paciencia"  http://dai.ly/x6j05m

2) "Amorroto" by Juan D'Arienzo: http://youtu.be/u8GG5edNtkc

3) "Ansiedad" by Juan D'Arienzo and singer Alberto Echagüe. http://youtu.be/VxbFIdGxfVE

Juan d'Arienzo (December 14, 1900 – January 14, 1976) was an Argentine tango musician, also known as "El Rey del Compás" (King of the Beat). He was son of Italian immigrants and used more modern arrangements and instrumentation; his popular group produced hundreds of recordings.

His music is played often at milongas in Buenos Aires, and the instrumentals are the classic harder rhythmic tangos with a strong staccato dance rhythm. He also recorded many great milongas and fast valses.

His recordings were accompanied by singers such as Alberto Echagüe, Armando Laborde, and Héctor Maure, among others.

Upon his death in 1976, his body was interred in the La Chacarita Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Interesting info here : https://tango.info/JuanaDarie