Your Tango Music Collection - Part 4 - by Donald Cooper

Your Tango Music Collection - Part 4

To continue our mini-series of blog postings with Golden Age Tango music suggestions, we turn now to two other great partnerships, that of the orchestra leader and pianist, Ricardo Tanturi, El caballero del tango and the two most notable singers who performed with his orchestra and are frequently credited with the orchestra becoming so successful.  The first singer was Alberto Castillo (1940-1943) and his successor was Enrique Campos (1943-1945). Tanturi’s orchestra also recorded a number of danceable instrumental tangos, but none seem to be available today as CDs.


Here is a short list of their popular recordings, all of which can be found on two CDs, both of which are still available.

El Tango Es . . . El Tango, Ricardo Tanturi canta Alberto Castillo

Tango Argentino - BMG Argentina 41295

20 tangos, all sung by Alberto Castillo including:
Así Se Baila El Tango 1942 T  

Muneca Brava 1942 T
Como Se Pianta La Vida  1942 T

Recuerdo Malevo  1941 T
Noches Del Colón  1941 T

Una emoción, Ricardo Tanturi canta Enrique Campos
Tango Argentino - BMG Argentina 41296

20 tangos, all sung by Enrique Campos, including:

Oigo Tu Voz 1943 T
Una Emoción 1943 T
Que Nunca Me Falte 1943 T
La Abandone Y No Sabia  1944 T
Muchachos Comienza La Ronda  1943 T

Digital Music

This web site has a over 140 tunes by Ricardo Tanturi, 40 with Alberto Castillo and 53 with Enrique Campos.  Tango Tunes offers several albums of their hits.  These are quality transfers and they can also be individually purchased.  Titles include all of those listed above. As there are no CDs available with the Instrumentals of Tanturi this site is the best place to find them.  Check out, for example:

El buey solo 1941 T

Argañaraz 1940 T

Raza criolla / El taita  1944 T

Adiós pueblo  1941 T

Many of the above tunes can be found at this site, although many recordings are from a later time period when the orchestra was less popular and/or the source CDs are less than excellent quality.  The following albums in digital format are probably acceptable:

Ricardo Tanturi con Alberto Castillo - Cuatro compases::   El Bandoneon (“Low fidelity”, per M. Lavocah)

Alberto Castillo - Asi se baila el tango::  Magenta Records

Una emoción - Ricardo Tanturi con Enrique Campos:: El Bandoneon


These two albums are also available here.

Ricardo Tanturi con Alberto Castillo - Cuatro compases::   El Bandoneon  (Text in iTunes says Magenta, but the image shows the EB CD)

Una emoción, Ricardo Tanturi canta Enrique Campos  Magenta Records re-issue of the El Bandoneon CD

Additionally, the album Orquesta Típica Tanturi from Utopia Records has some instrumentals, but also includes some much later recordings featuring Hugo Araujo (born 1976, per TodoTango); not exactly Golden Age material!

Additional tunes are available with Tanturi/Castillo and Tanturi/Campos in compilation albums combined with other orchestras and singers and time periods (Compilation albums frequently contain lower quality material.)