A veces by Otros Aires

One of my students last night, suggested me to provide lyrics and translations of tango songs once in a while... what a great idea. For you Sachin! Please feel free to correct the English translation that was not edited by a native speaker. Why did I start with Tango Nuevo instead of traditional? Not sure, but don't worry more lyrics will come soon...

Lyrics of A veces by Otros Aires - Loose translation by Makela -

On the street, in the mattress,  in the light of the forest
Sometimes in the madness,
When I hear the cries of the Abasto (tango neighborhood of B.A), in the peace of your beauty.

when I manage to survive a Sunday that very seldom blossoms
Sometimes, when the world cries for peace, some times, almost all the time

in the teeth of this piano, in happiness, in good fortune
Sometimes in the wrinkles
in the wide pupils, in my unpainted room 

Sometimes, when I can't do anything else more than surrender
Sometimes, when left overs is the only thing left, sometimes, almost all the time

Sometimes, when I manage to travel with the sun until the sunset
Sometimes, when I start to believe again, sometimes, almost all the time...

...For sure I think of you

Buenos Aires Sunset

Buenos Aires Sunset

A veces,
En la calle en el colchón, en la lumbre en la espesura
A veces en la locura,
En los gritos del Abasto, en la paz de tu hermosura.

A veces, cuando logro sobrevivir al domingo que rara vez florece
A veces, cuando el mundo pide paz, a veces, casi siempre

A veces,
En los dientes de este piano, en la dicha y la fortuna
A veces en las arrugas,
En las pupilas baldías en mi cuarto sin pintura.

A veces, cuando no hago mas que renunciar, cuando todo se detiene
A veces, cuando queda solo el resto, a veces, casi siempre

A veces, cuando logro deslizarme por el sol hasta el poniente
A veces, cuando vuelvo a creer, a veces, casi siempre...

...Seguro pienso en ti.

Letras Otros Aires


Sachin just gave me the perfect link for those interested in traditional tango lyrics in English now: