Makela’s recommendations:

Students usually progress through the absolute beginner class in 12 weeks, then move onto Tango 1/2 for another three/six months, and then they are ready for Tango 3. I suggest while taking the Absolute Beginner class, you also join us on either Thursdays or Mondays. If you are a follower, do not miss our Technique for Follower's class on Tuesdays. If you would like to get the body of a tango dancer, join us every Tuesday for a Tango Fitness class.

Tango for Absolute Beginners

Would you like to learn tango? This class is designed for those who wish to begin tango lessons. No dance experience is necessary! This class was created with you in mind and is a warm welcome to the community of Tango. Lessons include tango walking, lead and follow communication, connection, dance floor navigation, tango steps and musicality. We focus on the basics: with exercises in balance, coordination, and posture. This class is meant to increase your comfort and confidence as you learn the Tango and is also a good refresher course for anyone returning to Tango after an extended break.

This is an introduction to Tango. No partner is necessary. 4 week series. Series starts the first Saturday of the month.  Have fun and meet friends.

Tango 1/2: Technique Class

Once you have completed Tango For Absolute Beginners (at least twice) and are ready to expand your repertoire, or if you are coming back to tango for a refresher course, this is the class for you. In addition to learning more steps, you are focused on improving technique and musicality. A new topic is introduced the first Thursday of each month, such as figure eights (ochos), lead and follow technique, improvisation, navigation, and musicality. You can drop in at any time.

Tango 3

Go to the next level of Tango Salon with more advanced techniques such as sacadas, barridas, boleos and more. Increase variety in your repertoire and add flare to your dancing. Have fun and make friends who share your passion for Tango.

Tango 4

Performance Team class. Learn a tango routine to perform. Intensive class. We create it when we have three committed couples ready to work on a routine for at least 12 weeks.

Heels 1/ Technique for Followers

Feel and look beautiful in heels. Makela created this technique class where elements from ballet, modern dance and yoga are combined with tango. We train you to dance freely while focusing on foot position, ornaments, styling, posture and fluidity. Men welcome without heels.

Tango Fitness

Develop your dancer body  using cardio, stretch and Tango elements. We work hard to make you feel good in the process of getting better at tango.

Milonga/Vals Class

This specialized class includes lessons on the Milonga or Vals style of dance, which have unique steps and rhythms different from tango. Class alternates on Sunday afternoons with 6 months of milonga followed by 6 months of vals.


An informal Tango practice session where students are welcome to try the dance steps they learned in class, or just have fun dancing.

Tango Parties

Dance and socialize every Monday with a special third-Monday-of-the-month traditional Themed Tango Party. Sometimes we even have a Live Band!

Semi-Private Lessons

An intensive six (6) week program taught by Makela and designed for the dance student who wants to learn in a more private environment. Semi-private lessons are recommended for beginners who want to learn fast or for the more advance student who wants to focus more on his/her technique.  The group level is always matched evenly. Extremely limited slots. Partner required.

Price: $200 per program - registration must be pre-approved by instructor

Agreements - If you sign up to a SP you agree to the following.

1) No make ups, no refunds, no partial payments.

2) If one of the partners needs to miss the class the other has the option a) find their own sub b) Makela can help sometimes c) miss the class. No refunds, no make ups.

3) If Makela brought a sub for the SP, you cannot invite them for futures subs - Makela will be in charge of bringing him/her on her behalf.

4) Payments are done the PRIOR week of the beginning of the SP session. Payments on the day of the start of the SP will not be accepted, and the participant wont be able to participate in the SP at this point.

Private Lessons

Interested in taking your tango to the next level FAST? We will work with your schedule. All classes at Makela Tango Dance Studio (9431 Venice Blvd 90232)

Maximum attention, flexible scheduling, rapid progress. Meet with Makela for 50 minutes and attain your Tango goals now.