New to Tango?

You are ready to jump in! Tango is on your bucket list, a long time dream, or your partner wants to do it… any reason is a good reason to start Argentine Tango. The best way, it is to immerse yourself in it. By getting the UNLIMITED INTRO, you can take the Absolute Beginner Series (4 weeks, starts the first Saturday of the month), as well as any other group classes and practice sessions offered at Makela Tango Dance Studio. By coming to Thursday and Monday classes you get to meet people and to understand a little better what it is you are working towards. For followers, the specialized Technique for Follower’s class will help you to understand how to dance beautifully and powerfully.

Included in your first month unlimited classes package:

  • The Absolute Beginner Series  on Saturdays at 4:30 pm, starts the first Saturday of every month.

  • Unlimited classes and practicas (practice sessions on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays).

  • Private lessons with Makela for the discounted price of $90.

About shoes: women, please do not bring flip flops or any kind of sandals that do not support the ankle. Make sure that you are very comfortable in the shoes you are wearing. For both men and women: make sure that the shoes you are wearing have leather, suede sole or any kind of sole that allows you to pivot and to slide on the floor. No rubber soles please. Makela has an array of options available of shoes for purchase. Tango apparel for women and men is also available.

I was nervous as I started my first class with Makela, but my discomfort vanished as Makela embraced the students with her enthusiasm, love of tango, and dedication to teaching. All I needed to bring was curiosity and a willingness to move to the music- no special clothing, no particular shoes, not even a partner. My self-consciousness vanished within minutes as Makela had us all dancing, and by the end I was eager for a second class. That first experience was at a Monday night All Levels Class, I then signed up for the Absolute Beginner Series, which is the perfect introduction to tango. More advanced students assist at all of Makela’s classes, you get to dance with them, and once you have that experience, you want to learn to dance tango as well as they do, and Makela will teach you to do that.
— Kristine Kidd, ex editor of Bon Appetit
Two and a half years ago my husband and I decided to take tango classes. After trying a couple of teachers, we found Makela and got hooked on this fun, sensual, social dance. Makela is a beautiful dancer, dedicated to teaching her students to love tango, to dance with great style, and to delight in the experience.
— Kristine Kidd
I started learning from makela when I was an absolute beginner. Makela’s attention to detail has helped me to build a strong foundation. She made the class fun, social, and easy to understand. Makela Tango school is a great place for anyone to start and continue their tango journey.
— Shu Yang