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  • Private lessons for only $90

  • One 15 minute free consultation per month with Makela at a Práctica. You need to schedule it in advance. 24 hours cancellation policy.

  • One free guest per month (must be a brand new student).

  • Help Makela Tango School to expand, MT is committed to the tango evolution of each participant at all levels: connection, technique, musicality, codes, you!

Besides Makela’s passion to make you a better dancer, her instruction and ways to describe some really advanced concepts, that involve many elements of body control, technique and form, are easy to understand.
— Matt Poletto
Makela superbly represents and communicates the technique, artistry, music, culture, and community of Argentine tango. She is deeply committed to her students’ development and inspires us all with her dedication and warm, generous spirit. I feel very fortunate to study with such an exceptional teacher, who communicates her exacting standards from a depth of knowledge, experience, and understanding of each person’s capacity to learn and grow.
— Marsha Gruen
I have driven 150 miles round trip to take lessons from Makela...that is how much I value her teachings. She has a variety of classes and times/days to choose from. You are guaranteed to learn a tremendous amount and increase your skill level.She brings quality teachers from Argentina as guest instructors which has also helped me tremendously. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Makela and Makela Tango.
— Kimiko Simpson

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